eScan Web & Mail Filter for Windows

Blocks spam, offensive websites and provides privacy protection

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eScan Web & Mail Filter for Windows Description

Restricted Phrase Checking For Spam Mails
Spam mails are unsolicited junk mail. These have an enticing subject line like: deal of a lifetime; free your debts, etc. The words may occur in the body, header, and HTML tags of the e-mail... more info

Block Spammer
Another way to beat a Spam is to refuse entry to e-mail IDs that are known Spammers... more info

Advanced Content Matching Options
The software should allow you to set advanced content matching options that search for restricted words in different parts of the web page, set number of times a restricted word occurs in a page before it is blocked, allow you to block page elements like images, applications, movie files, etc... more info

EMail Attachment Control
E-mails are an invaluable tool to send and receive information. But they provide a very easy way to send out Company confidential information in the form of attachments. While e-mail themselves can carry only information, e-mail attachments are the real sources to leak valuable company information. The following features need to be present... more info

Archive EMails
Software should allow system administrators to save into an archive folder, e-mails and attachments, sent or received by users in the network. The saved e-mails can then be browsed to see if the contents violate your security policy. At the same time, you should be able to exclude specific attachment types from being archived... more info

Pop Up Ad Filter
Pop Up Ad is an advertisement that appears when you access or Exit a web page. These are created and placed on web pages by advertisers or web site owners. Not all Pop Ups are unwanted. Some sites require you to fill a registration form or you may have clicked a link for information and it is displayed as Pop Up... more info

Privacy Protector
Privacy is very important to you. Manually deleting history folders, cache, etc. does not ensure your privacy as others can still find out Details of

eScan Web & Mail Filter for Windows Screenshots

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What's New in eScan Web & Mail Filter for Windows 9.0.824.205

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eScan Web & Mail Filter for Windows Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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